I’m a copywriter, feature writer and all round word wrangler flitting between Suffolk, Essex and London.

I’m mum to a twenty year old musician and a very hairy Labrador. In my fifties now, I’ve had some hiccups over the last few years.

I’ve learned by experience to embrace whatever life throws at me. Sometimes it works out fine, sometimes not.

On these pages, I’ll be taking a look at the various triumphs and disasters that we all encounter when reaching forty plus.

Having started as a fairly mainstream fashion/beauty/lifestyle blog, I found it a struggle to write posts that frankly, I wouldn’t want to read myself. So I’ve now gone somewhat off at a tangent, and am writing to amuse myself, and I hope, you too.

Why is it called Karma’s Footsteps?

By the time you have reached your forties, life will almost certainly have thrown a few curve balls your way. Children may have come along, or not, marriage opportunities missed or taken, and that could have ended well or maybe it didn’t.

You may have suffered heart wrenching bereavement, you could have made (or lost)  fortunes, discovered your vocation in life or still be trying to work out what you want to do when you grow up. You should be feeling slightly amazed that you have made it this far.

But hey, here we are.

We should be enjoying some good karma now, coming our way to pay us back for putting everyone else first for the last couple of decades and we should be having FUN, and be feeling comfortable with who we are.

Karma doesn’t drag you along behind her. She just shows you the way, and it’s up to you to walk in her footsteps. Hope you enjoy the posts. 

Linny x

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