Eat the frog first

Eat the frog first? Try my idea for turning the frog into a prince

Sometimes we put those 'yuk' jobs off, sometimes we try the 'eat the frog first' rule. But maybe we're looking at it the wrong way.
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loving couple

Dating over 40 – would you use a dating site?

Dating over 40 can be a minefield. So buckle up, it won't be easy but you can have some laughs along the way.
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Lady golfer

Golfing for women – everything you need to know.

Thinking about taking up golf? Probably best not, but if you have to, read my incredibly useful guide first.
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Stressed Woman

Remember those new year resolutions?

Those new year resolutions have sometimes fallen by the wayside about now. If you've given up, or are on the verge of throwing in the towel, read on.
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Bee Inspired by these fab candles!

Bee Inspired by these fab candles!

These beautiful beeswax candles are perfect for the dining table, even if you are crazy enough to have Christmas in October!
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Florence, Italy

Irresistable Italy

There's something about Italy. Is it the food? The language? Is it the people and their sense of style?
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Increasing income vs. tightening your belt

When finances are squeezed, our first response is often to make cuts. But could we be looking at the problem from the wrong angle?
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Confident Woman

Happy in your own skin?

To be well in your own skin means being comfortable with who you are physically, mentally & emotionally. Read on to find out how and why it matters.
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Woman in gym

Three everyday (and not so everyday) ways to stay fit but avoid the gym

Gym not for you? Don't sweat it. There are other ways.
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