Moving on after a relationship ends

Finding a way to move on after a marriage or long term relationship breakdown is sadly something many have already experienced, or will experience. Women are pretty resilient and have an innate sense of how they can re- construct their world when it has been...

Ellie, the little yellow dog.

I was with her as she died, my Ellie. I stroked her and tried to speak to my sweet little yellow dog like I always have done.
I tried to reassure her. I tried to reassure myself.

Copywriting, SEO and Social Media overload

There is so much information and advice about copywriting, SEO and Social Media – much of it conflicting. It’s worth taking the time to sort the good from the bad and build up connections with the people and organisations that make your heart beat faster – in a good way!

Returning to work

Going back to work after having a family? Think you don’t stand a chance because you don’t have any skills? Oh yes you do…yes you do!

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