It’s good to get those little gift sets from the cosmetic counter at department stores. Even though you know it’s just a ruse to sell other products to you, it great to walk out of the shop with a bag of goodies that you hadn’t expected.

That’s how I discovered Hydra Zen by Lancôme. I was impressed with the little pot they gave me so I went back and bought the full priced larger pot. Seriously, I must be a sales person’s dream.

Currently retailing for just under £40 for a 50ml tub of Hydra Zen Cream-Gel, it looks as if Lancôme have extended the range since my purchase and now offer both night and day formulations, BB creams, eye creams and more.

The baby pink cream goes on easily and I can see why it’s referred to as cream-gel. It’s much lighter than most traditional moisturiser creams but not as sticky and gooey as some of the gels I’ve tried in the past.

It goes on very well and leaves a soft, smooth finish to the skin, and you don’t have to use too much, meaning it doesn’t work out at all expensive. I also liked the scent – it’s pleasing, not too ‘chemical’, and I have to say, even though I occasionally have bouts of feeling all ‘earthy’ and ‘natural’ and think I should be buying 100% organic, perfume free cosmetics, I still enjoy applying skincare and make up that makes me feel pampered and gorgeous.

Hydra Zen is available just about anywhere that has a Boots, Debenhams or other good beauty counter – or online, directly from Lancôme.

© 2016 Linny Bartlett/Karma’s Footsteps

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