There is something about the Estee Lauder brand that is quite serious, quite grown up and can be a reminder of the fact that the carefree days of youth are far behind us. Now, we need to start getting serious about what make up we use and how we apply it.

Nothing wrong with that in itself of course, but there are certain times in life when I think we try to resist the fact that we are growing older. Succumbing to any form of fashion or beauty that has been traditionally thought of as possibly being aimed at the older market is seen as a challenge. We can feel that the longer we ‘hold out’, the longer we will remain young looking.

This is clearly a lot of nonsense. Many of the brands that are aimed at the mature woman pour millions of pounds into developing formulas that work particularly well with mature skin.

Genetics and how we have looked after our skin in our youth does of course play an enormous part in the condition it is in once we reach our forties and beyond.
But for most of us, we do need a little extra TLC now. We need products that take into account our lines, wrinkles, saggy skin and discolouration. There, said it.

So, with this in mind, a few years ago I began searching for a foundation that would give me better coverage, even out my skin tone and brighten things up a bit generally WITHOUT being so heavy that it felt like I was wearing a clown’s mask.

I moseyed down to my local Debenhams, and spoke to the Estee Lauder consultant to ask her advice.

Naturally she told me that there would be the perfect solution in their range – I hardly expected her not to. But she was really helpful and spent quite a long time explaining how Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation was going to make a difference to me.


She also tried a number of different shades but I think she had developed such a good eye for this that the very first one she picked up ended up being the right one. For me, Pebble (3c2), doesn’t make my naturally pale skin look dark – like I’ve overdosed on fake tan or something – but it does cover well, evens everything out (I have a few age spots and freckles) as well as giving me a healthy, natural colour. It also has the benefit of having an SPF of 10. Not enough on its own to wear in intense sun obviously, but it does help.

I do occasionally stray and try other brands of foundation but seem to end up coming back to the Double Wear. I think part of the attraction is that it stays put, and although it’s not one of the cheaper foundations on the market, the old sales tactic of ‘a little goes a long way’ does actually apply to this.

So I would definitely recommend that you try it. Estee Lauder seem to train their consultants well and while of course they’ll try to sell you lots of additional products, you will get good advice.

As at September 2016, a 30ml bottle of Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation retails at a recommended price of £31.00

© 2016 Linny Bartlett/Karma’s Footsteps


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