My hair is flyaway and frizzy. I look like a character from an old film, The Wild Women of Borneo. Or, as ‘The Girls’, my bunch of buddies I go to Spain with each year love to remind me, Like Hattie Jaques in a carry on film. They have given me the nickname Matron. They are nasty girls.

I don’t wash it every day partly because of the inordinate length of time it takes me to dry and style it and partly because I just find it looks its best by day two. It has calmed a little by then and found its shape.

I had begun to despair completely until I found some amazing hair care products that actually delivered on their promises to tame my locks. I’d seen this promise dozens of times but never felt it made much difference.

Moroccan Oil is a range of shampoos, conditioners, masques and other treatments that contain the much vaunted argan oil.

At the moment, I’m just using the conditioner and the oil, and occasionally use the leave in masque, maybe just twice a month for a real boost.

The first thing you’ll notice about Moroccan Oil is the incredible aroma. Most shampoos have a pleasant perfume but are generally much the same and the scent doesn’t seem to last long. There’s no mistaking Moroccan Oil though. It smells wonderful and feels like silk as it goes on.

When I’ve finished washing and conditioning, I’ll towel dry and use the pump dispenser to produce a little of the amber fluid into my cupped hand before running it through my hair. Starting at the ends so that I don’t dump too much oil onto the roots and look greasy, I wait until it’s worked in a bit then run the film of oil that remains on my hands through my scalp. I have shoulder length, incredibly thick hair and two pumps from the dispenser is usually enough. I then dry and style and if I think it’s particularly humid or if I’m going out somewhere I might just put one more little pea sized squirt of oil on my hands and smooth it through just to give it some extra oomph.

None of the Moroccan Oil products are cheap. At least, they appear not to be on the face of it.

The thing is… they last so long. Because they work so well, you don’t need to use as much of these products as you would when using products that are much cheaper by volume. My Treatment Oil lasts months and months, and I know that those £5.99 treatments I see in the supermarket would not only be used up within a month at most, but basically wouldn’t do the job properly anyway, meaning they’d be a false economy. So please bear in mind, you might wince when you order two or three Moroccan Oil products and have to part with maybe sixty pounds or more, but if you work out what your spend would be every months for cheaper brands, and factor in that MO really works and smells divine, it’s really not so bad.

Do you have any tips for taming the frizz? Do you have products that you love, or do you embrace the look of slightly wild hair?


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