Candles are a passion for me.

I love the ambiance they create, the shadows they cast on the wall and especially the elegance they lend to a dining table.

So I was particularly chuffed to be sent a pair of beeswax dinner candles with a fine glittered spiral edge, from Bee Inspired, whose main business is making skincare products using honey and beeswax together with essential oils. They keep their own hives, and so knowing that they are looking after bees (which you have probably heard are in serious decline) is a real bonus.

The candles are made with foundation wax, which is imprinted with honeycomb and hand rolled to produce a spiral at the top of the candle. The spiralled edge is given the finest dusting of glitter, which made them look the bee’s knees on my dining table! (Sorry…I’ll get my coat.)

We had a kind of pre-Christmas dinner a week or so ago as we have some young relations who are off travelling the world and wanted a traditional Christmas dinner before hitting the beaches of Australia. The candles were the centrepiece, and provided the perfect finishing touch to the decorations (even if it was quite a warm October day, we did have turkey, tinsel and all the trimmings!)

As the candles burned down, I noticed there were no drips, no pools of hot wax drying onto my clean table cloth, meaning I had no greasy marks to try to remove from my linen.

Best of all for me was how clean the burn was. I suffer from a touch of asthma, and have to choose my candles very carefully as cheaply made ones make me wheeze.

With the Bee Inspired candles, there was no noxious black smoke, and unlike some candles they didn’t appear to suck all the oxygen out of the room. I had no adverse effects from sitting close to two burning candles for several hours which is great news. In fact, according to the company website, they release a negative ion which makes pollen and dust drop from the air so could actually be beneficial for people with asthma or hay fever.

The burn time meant that the candles were only good for one use, although we did sit around the table for some hours.  Also, once they have burned to halfway, all the pretty glittery spiralled edges have gone but these definitely are special occasion candles.

Owners of Bee Inspired, Alison and Robin Derrick say that their products contain the Blend of being, that is British, Luxurious, Effective, Natural, Delicious. I would agree with that, and just love the idea that there are people out there who are passionate about bees at a time when it’s absolutely crucial that we ensure the future of these essential members of the planet.

The beeswax dinner candles with spiralled and glittered edge are available from the Bee Inspired website for £6.00 per pair.

Do you love candles? Are they put on the table just for special occasions, or are you like me, buying lorry loads at a time?


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