REN skincare’s Flash Hydro-Boost is the latest addition to my beauty kit. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and thought I’d give you my opinion on its effectiveness.
So, first off, I need to own up to the fact that I am a compete twit. I’d been on a mini shopping spree, emptied my bag when I got home and thought, ‘Flash Hydro-Boost, moisture, right yes, it’s a moisturiser, I’ll start whacking some on every morning.’

Any normal person would of course have read the very clear instructions on the side of the pack. But not me, oh no. What I should have been doing is applying it to my cleansed face, wetting my fingertips just a little and then massaging until it’s all absorbed so that the moisture is locked in. THEN I should use my moisturiser. D’oh!

Well I’ve learnt my lesson now. In that first week, I had thought it was a pleasant balm but felt just a little tacky. Then of course, when I started using it properly I completely understood how it helped lock in moisture and I could see how it plumped and smoothed my skin.

Now make no mistake – it’s not going to work miracles. I don’t suddenly look twenty years younger, and still have lines and wrinkles. But I can tell that my skin looks a little softer somehow and I think my moisturiser went on better afterwards.

It’s something I’d always wondered about. There are quite a few products on the market that claim to ‘lock in moisture’, and maybe it’s just me but doesn’t there have to be some moisture to lock in in the first place? That seems to be what this product does.

Looking at the list of ingredients, REN have formulated a pretty powerful anti-ageing weapon with Flash Hydro-Boost.

Hyaluronic acid is sometimes known as the ‘Fountain of Youth’ and has an incredible ability to retain water. It’s also found naturally in the human body and is part of the skin’s defence against environmental damage.

Peptide is probably something you’ve heard of as there are other brands that boast this as part of their formulations. Peptides are a component of the building blocks of amino acid, and when absorbed into the skin, apparently trick your body into thinking it must make more collagen – and healthy collagen production is key to maintaining good skin.

Xylitol. No, it’s not an album by Coldplay. It is thought to increase the skins natural production of hyaluronic acid so gives an additional kick to the moisture locking element of this product.

Ceramide is again a naturally occurring part of our skin, another component which helps keep moisture in, so this ingredient also really helps restore the skin.

Flash Hydro-Boost also has a pleasant aroma, not too strong but clean and fresh smelling – not ‘chemical’.

I am going to keep using this product and may even check out the rest of the range. It’s not the cheapest skincare on the market but it’s far from the most expensive either. I have also had a chat with a friend who knows one of the female scientists behind the development of the REN brand. It has gone some way to eradicating my cynicism about the beauty industry, because yes, we all know it’s about money and brands want to make a profit, but the majority of the well-known skincare ranges have enormous amounts of research behind them and scientists working on the formulas who are motivated by much more than cash.

As with any skincare product, just keep your expectations realistic. You are not going to use this, or anything else for a couple of weeks and wake up one morning looking like a nineteen year old model. Unless of course you already do, in which case, lucky you!

What I think is most important to us over forty year olds now is to look to the future. Joking aside, I don’t actually WANT to look younger than I am, the lines and wrinkles I have are my battle scars, and are a part of me now. What I would like to do is keep my skin healthy and to be looking the best that I can. For me, that means locking in moisture, protecting myself from the sun with a good SPF cream and trying to eat reasonably healthily.

REN Flash Hydro-Boost comes in a 40ml tube with a recommended retail price of £34.00. It’s available on line of course and good department stores.

Have you developed a good skincare routine? Or do you prefer just the basics and to leave the rest to nature?

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