It’s so easy to forget to take care of our feet, especially during winter when they are permanently encased in socks and boots. But often, those first days of sunshine in spring catch us completely by surprise and we want to wear sandals and flip flops and if we’re REALLY lucky maybe even run along a sandy beach barefoot…okay, I know. It’s cold outside. And I’m wittering on about sandy beaches.

So, the aim of the game is to ensure that we do keep our feet in good condition in preparation for summer, or for any time if you or your partner happens to have a foot fetish!

I have tried a few foot creams and lotions in the past. Whatever you use, when you start off with great intentions to have beautiful looking feet and you massage in whatever you are using, it feels good. Any type of pampering is great and in all honesty you could probably rub in some margarine and feel all soft and gooey. But this is a long term plan and it actually needs to work.

The Bee Inspired foot cream works a treat, and it IS a treat.

I’ve been using it regularly for a few weeks now, and it has made a difference. My feet are softer to the touch and feel more comfortable to me. The timing actually couldn’t have been better as when I first began using it, I was having skiing lessons.

Anyone who skis will know that ski boots were invented as an instrument of torture. Clomping around in them is probably akin to being cast ankle deep in concrete.

So applying my Bee Inspired foot cream after a two hour lesson on the dry slope was sheer heaven.
The cream sinks in really quickly and it seems almost as if my feet have been dying of thirst and grateful for the chance to drink up the honey and lavender cream. It instantly smooths the skin so is brilliant to apply just before going out if you are going to wear strappy shoes.

After a couple of weeks, I really became aware of the overall, lasting improvement the cream was making. It obviously can’t tackle horrendously dry cracked skin but if it were that simple there would be no chiropodists.

But the scent and the consistency of the cream is delightful.

It arrived in a little paint tube container which I thought quite sweet, although the 100ml airless pump is probably better value – especially if, like me, you know you are going to keep on using it!

As with all the Bee Inspired products, it also gives you that nice warm feeling inside that these products are natural, simple and effective – bought to you by bee keepers with decades of experience, their products being produced with great care. What could be better?

One thing is for sure. I’m off skiing in the Alps this Friday and will definitely be packing my Bee Inspired Soft Foot Intensive Cream Lavender, Jasmine & Tea Tree. Those days on the slopes will end with a nice foot rub from my other half (hopefully), and application of the cream and some happy feet that are ready for another crazy day the next morning.

Wish me luck – I’ve not been skiing before and the mid-fifties is probably quite late to start. But hey! Hopefully see you on the other side, without any broken bones!

©2016 Linny Bartlett
Visit Bee Inspired to discover more about their range of creams and their company ethos.

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