Do you follow or subscribe to various social media, SEO or copywriting organisations?

Are you hoping to get advice that will make the world of difference? To find the ‘Golden Ticket’ that means you get more followers, more engagement and thousands more visitors to your website?

Keeping up to date with latest trends, new algorithms and so on is an essential part of what I do. But it can soon lead to brain overload and confusion.

In any one day, I might see dozens of articles and links pop up on my screen offering the best way to quadruple traffic, or headlines telling me to forget everything I thought I knew about SEO because, Lordy, have I got that all wrong! I am told several times a day about the three/five/seven things that I MUST do if I want my Facebook business page to gain any traction whatsoever.

Some of the advice is outdated, some is confusing and some is so obvious you wonder what the point of the article was.

If this resonates with you – if you’ve felt as if you’ve downed ten cups of coffee and the words are beginning to jumble up before your eyes, you may need to have an audit. Take a rest from the mind bending jargon and give those YouTube tutorials where a smiley and well-meaning person is shouting at you, a big swerve.

If you accept that 80% of what is out there is clutter and focus on the 20% that’s worthwhile life could become easier.

  • Wait until you find a real gem, a fantastic idea well expressed that makes sense and that you believe in.
  • Bookmark the article for future reference and check out the author or organisation that supplied it.
  • Trawl their website and social channels for further evidence of their credibility.

If you read their copy and feel slightly envious that they have produced something engaging and well-crafted, you’ll know that what they say and how they say it is going to have some value for you.

Of course, this all depends of what you do, your personal approach and on who your clients are. Your ‘trash’ may well be my diamond in the rough. It’s often down to what your gut feeling is and whether you find yourself nodding along in agreement or frowning slightly because something doesn’t ring true. Trust your own instincts, be prepared to change your mind, but most of all, keep learning.

© 2018 Linny Bartlett

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